I know I shouldn't compare but I can't figure out why this would be so different.. Ghost 8.3 VS Zen 7.0.1 w/ IR4. There are hugh differences with the time it takes to multicast images.

I've tried a few images I have so I know it's not the image, it's not the hardware on the imaged pc's. Only thing I can guess is a driver problem with zenworks. I've read that Zen is comparable to Ghost for multicasting times.

20GB image, multicast through a full Gb network to 25 computers and compression was set to speed.

It also seems that the more computers I put on the slower it goes. I've been able to have zenworks image 1 PC in 45 minutes... Confusing because Ghost never seemed to care how many were connected.. Here are the results.

Image Dump with Ghost: 12min
Image Dump with Zen: 43min

Multicast through Ghost Time: 35min
Multicast through Zen Time: 3hrs 42min.

Why? Those times are soooo off. I had the network checked with a fluke and there are no issues.

These are Dell GX745's but it doesn't seem to matter what model Dell I use. I've done this with GX620,745,760's and get the same results. Basically using Broadcom 5700 , Intel e1000b & Intel e1000b v2 I think (GX760)

I also noticed that while the Zen multicast is going if I ping the gateway I get packet loss. I don't get that while ghost is multicasting..

I am new to zenworks , other people set this up and help me out but no one seems to have an idea of whats going on and its summer so it's the worst time to do things because of summer projects (School Districts) everyones too busy to dig into this.. I used Ghost in the past but now our services have been refined to support multiple school districts, and to make it uniform they want everyone using zenworks....