I use bordermanager 3.8 for a HTTP proxy, and all of the sudden it
seems to be having license problems. I'm hesitant to remove and
reinstall BM, as it is configured to work with SurfControl, which was
a pain in the butt to configure.

I got this message when trying to load bordermanger:

3-12-2007 1:28:12 pm: ACLCHECK-4.80-14
ACL License is not installed.

3-12-2007 1:28:12 pm: PROXYCFG-4.0-11
Novell Border Manager License is not installed

We've got Novell's SBS, so we have the licenses for bordermanager.
They were installed and everything was working fine, but now they're
not, apparently. I have no idea how to go about adding the licenses
back in, or if I even can. I also have no idea why this happened.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?