I have a question regarding the TSClientAutoAdminLogon feature within the Novell Client for Vista 2.0.

I have setup the following registry entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\Login

1. Value Type=REG_SZ, Name=TSClientAutoAdminLogon, Data=1
2. Value Type=REG_SZ, Name=DefaultLoginProfile, Data=Default

I have configured LDAP contextless Login and Login with non-novell credential provider is set to on

But still it doesn't seem to work.

My question here is whether this will work for local logins as well as remote / terminal services logins, or does it just work for Terminal services based logins.

My end goal is to allow users to login to the AD domain through the normal windows login and then seamlessly pass the credentials to the Novell client in the background.

Btw all user credentials are the same between AD and eDirectory.

Please help me with this as Im pretty much stuck at the moment