I have a small network with about 30 workstations, all behind a CyberGuard
firewall. I have 3 servers, 1 Netware w/ GrpWise, File/Print, &
eDirectory. 1 Windows w/ Active Directory & eDirectory, and 1 Windows w/
Active Directory & SQL Express 2005.

My firewall does a great job of protecting the network, but lacks in the
area of content filtering. Since I am a SBS user, I figure I could
implement BorderManager to provide content filtering for my network. (I am
going to test a trial of SurfControl for BorderManager)

My question is, how can I install BorderManager on the Netware server,
which is behind the firewall, and have it funtion as a proxy for all HTTP
traffic? Will I need 2 NICS? Can I make it so that no one can bypass proxy
settings? I don't want anyone using the internet and not having it scanned
by Border. I dont really care about FTP, Mail, DNS, etc.