Hi There!

Internally we use Zenworks for Imagining only, and we are in
the process of moving from Netware to Windows 2008 Server
x64 (YES I am *quite* sure I don't want to move to Linux)
and I want to continue to use Groupwise and Zenworks if
possible. I have GW mostly sorted, but i wanted to verify a
few things;

1) Can ZCM10 Std be used with MS SQL Express 2005 rather
than full?
2) Can ZCM work without Edirectory (Though it will be on
this server for GW)
3) Can I still use PXE or an Imaging CD to image desktops?
4) Will all my old zmg images still work and be deployed ok
with ZCM10?
5) Any other gotchas to consider? Once we are completely
migrated, netware will no longer be anywhere on our