This has become an urgent problem. I've spent all weekend on it and need another "set of eyes".

Here is the problem, starting on Thursday I started getting calls about people being prompted to login to the Windows Workstation instead of Novell. Each day it seemed to spread to more and more computers to where it's effected every machine on my network. Usually, this would be a NWGina.dll vs MSGina.dll but in this case it is not.

What did I change?
I was doing some house cleaning the other day and may have unknowingly changed a setting that is causing this. I moved a couple ZENWorks policies (keep reading before you tell me to head to the ZEN forum) from the Workstation package to the User package just before this started.

Attempted fixes?
I have since put things back the way they were and waited for the refresh time. I've been shutting down, rebooting and still get nothing. I even changed the enforcement to system startup to try and rule out a user login triggering the event. NOTHING works. I have also tried reinstalling the client on a few computers, nothing.

I posted this in the ZEN Forum early yesterday but am not getting a response. I feel it falls in to both categories and hope to get more help here. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.