Our BorderManager 3.8 server crashed Friday morning. We've spent this whole weekend reloading a new server with BM 3.9 SP2. Our VPN is client to site. On our old server, our authentication method was Backward Compatibility. We would log in using our NDS credentials. I have spent most of the day getting VPN reconfigured on our new server. I'm able to successfully authenticate using NMAS but not Backward Compatibility. It's urgent that I get this working. We have a lot of remote workers who do not have the Novell Client installed on their computers.....only the VPN client. When attempting to login using Backward Compatibility, I receive the error, "Authentication gateway failed to verify entered parameters. Format error reported by authentication gateways." I've searched the internet with minimal results. Does anyone have any ideas? Craig.....please be reading this. Thank you in advance for your help.