We are a ZEN 7 site. With ZEN 7 all of the configuration is stored in
eDirectory. This makes it very fault tolerant: if an eDirectory server
goes down then the solution is smart enough to use another replica. But
not only that - if a WAN link goes down it doesn't stop ZEN 7 from
working because you'd be using one of your local replicas anyway.

With ZCM 10 there is one single point of failure - the ZEN DB. True we
might be able to cluster the DB. True we can take backups, and perhaps
have a standby DB ready to point the solution to in case the main DB
fails. But what if the WAN link goes down? Then you're stuffed.

What do other people do to guard against such an event. I am probably
going to a have a virtualised server with another copy of the ZEN DB that
I refresh from the live one from time to time, but this won't help me in
the event of a WAN outage.

I was rather hoping with ZEN 10 SP2 that the whole multi-zone thing would
be worked out and we could have separate management zones for each WAN
site that could nonetheless share information. This was promised in the
documentation but apparently not delivered as far as I can see.

Another thing that was promised in the documentation was that in 10.2 you
can control content replication at the folder level rather than having to
do this for each bundle. I think this one didn't make it to 10.2 either?