I've completed the BM setup successfully, but I had one error on the
iManager snap-in install within the \\SYS\TOMCAT directory. I'm assuming
it's an easy download to install that snap-in, but your advice would
reassure me on the how-to. Second, I have not rebooted the server for
fear that the Access Control rules would immediately stop all internet
traffic until an actual proxy is configured (not even sure if that's the
case). I enabled both http and http transparent in the setup. I'm not
worried about mail or ftp, etc. Is this true, or will it wait for me to
set rules before filtering http content? Is there a special proxy setup
I'll need to do at all workstations as well for this? I'm running a small
network with 45 workstations behind a Sonicwall firewall, but I want to
set indivdual workstation groups (point of sale specifically) and limit
them to service websites alone, which the Sonicwall won't due without the
RADIUS plug-in, which I installed as well. Thanks for your help.