Hello - looking at a previous post I think I know the answer to my main
question, but I'll post anyway as there is an additional error message I'm
wondering about, and a couple of ancillary questions. Sorry if this has
been asked a million times already - but I want to make sure we're off to a
good start and not setting the stage for something to come back and bite me

The server in question is a brand new, BM 3.8 SP5 / NW 6.5 SP6 /Post SP6
patches install. No upgrade, no previous versions of anything. iManager
is 2.6.

Everything went fine, except I got the iManager Snapin installation failure
(Firewall and VPN) messages that others have noted. I gather this is
essentially an artifact due to the installation script being written for
earlier versions of iManager - i.e., cosmetic, no worries. I do note that
the file that is reported as being missing, portalservlet.properties,
indeed does not exist - on the reported path nor anywhere on SYS:. Is this

When I launch iManager thru NRM on the server console, I get what I suppose
is a related message: "Script error: https://ip
address/nps/servlet/portalservice? NPService=iManagerContainer:112:0:"on
change protocol" is not defined." Again, is this cool? iManager on the
console seems ok otherwise - the NBM links are there (I let it install
available snapins that it autodetected.)

iManager thru a client p.c. browser, though, is hosed. I launched it once,
told it to install missing plugins, and since then it only displays blank

The good news, I guess, is that I installed iManager Mobile on the p.c.,
and that works fine, no errors, NBM stuff is there.

So should I just use iManager Mobile and disregard the other hoseups?

The server is solely a NBM server - the only services installed were
iManager, Apache and Tomcat. I assume Apache and Tomcat are only there to
support NRM/iManager. If I'm going to use iManager Mobile, can I safely
disable Apache and Tomcat on the server?

Finally, since I can manage the filters in filtcfg, and we're not setting
up any VPN's - at least not for quite awhile, we use Citrix for remote
access - do I even need to use iManager? It seems like filtcfg and
NWAdmin32 should pretty well cover things.