i was into an install of bm 3.8.5 and remembered that the bm cache volumes
needed to be traditional. i initially installed the nw 6.5.6 server with a
sys and vol1 nss volumes. i used 8 gb sys and 130+ gb vol1. i deleted the
vol1 thinking i would have 130 gb to create a traditional partition and
vol. i re-initiated the install. at the point of the volume creation i only
have 2 mbs as the choice for disk space. so i tried to create a traditional
partition on the free space in remote manager and go through the install
again and get the free space minus the traditional partition used for cache
of about 80 gbs (130-50=80). but i have 50 to work with instead. i seem to
missing something. i have not installed bm since there was no such thing as
nss so i am a little slow. any instructions how to get a cache volume
created? i will continue to research on my own. thanks for any help.