I have a few applications in my SOE which appear not to be recognised.

e.g. Adobe Acrobat reader (on all 400 PCs) - pretty standard! :

1.does NOT come up as a discovered product in Asset Management
2. DOES come up in running the workstation ZCM client scan
3. does NOT come up in the Local Products - Create from Unique Software Files report - and therefore can't be included into Local Products
4. is not explicitly excluded in discovered products

I have the latest PRU and running 10.2.

Has anyone else seen this problem - it appears as if the Knowledge Base recognises the product which it doesn't report in the asset inventory report for unique files but doesn't display it as discovered product.

I have switched on all software files options in asset inventory, have checked that I'm not excluding the directories which contain the exe, have made sure that PCs are scanned refreshed more than once a day and that the PC exe's and directories are no different to others.

Any one have any idea - almost appears as if the knowledge base has lost some integrity albeit I don't know if there are any integrity tools that run acroos the KB.