Hi All

We have two BM3.8 boxes both on NW6.5 SP5 ir1, and on BM 3.8 SP5. One of
these servers just froze twice today so i used our friend google groups
to dig for info.

I came accross a posting with craig johnson asking someone to check their
log files, i did the same and found that mine was 587MB. On my other
server which is running ok (so i think!) its around 350MB.

I take it this isnt normal for a log file?, it is growing rather quickly
and i do remember a while ago on our old BM server that we could just
unload csaudit? - am i remembering that right?.

I have renamed the large files to .old and they have started new logs but
i want the system to take care of this rather than me have to check every
so often.

Any ideas will be really appreciated.