I originally posted this to the iManager forum; however, there have been no responses except one from a Novell Knowledge Partner suggesting that I post it to a BorderManager forum to see if anyone who frequents such forums may have an answer or suggestion.

So, here it is:

I'm running iManager Workstation 2.7.3 from my personal laptop and two other test workstations. iManager works fine for the most part; however, under "Roles and Tasks," when I attempt to access certain BorderManager Access Rules screens, I get the following two error messages:
(1) javax.servlet.jsp.jspException: File "/jsp/taglib/help.jsp" not found.
(2) File "/debug.jsp" not found.

Any ideas are appreciated.

Here are the specs for my setup:

(1) Server running BorderManager:
* NetWare 6.5 SP6. (I'm going to build and test an SP8 BorderManager server today to take the service pack question out of the equation.)
* Tomcat 4.1.31.
* BorderManager 3.9 SP2.
* java.nlm: version 1.42.07 September 14, 2006.

(2) Workstation:
* Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3.
* java version 1.6.0_14-b08.
* iManager Workstation 2.7.3.

Thanks much.