I have upgraded from 7.03 to GW8.
I had read about ofviews folder not getting copied correctly/sometimes....something to the effect of an issue with ofviews and to just copy it from SDD to the Post Office.

I was reminded about this when I started my GW8 client and it would not start. Had a message about views not installed. So that sparked a memory. I copied from SSD to PO and tried again a it worked.

But it seems to have broken my GW7 clients...That when they tried to get into their mail they then got a msg about views not installed/configured properly.

I should be able to have GW8 PO/DOM and GW7 clients, right?

So I am looking for help on how to proceed or where I went wrong.

(perhaps to copy the contents of ofviews from SDD into the one on the PO dir, to have the two folders merged vs copying over the old one)