Hoping someone can help me resolve this.

Netware 6.5 sp7
Netstorage 2.0

When a user has no Network Address Restrictions, they can login and use NetStorage just fine, from anywhere - inside or outside our networks.

When a user has _any_ Network Address Restriction, they cannot login to NetStorage - the web browser's userid/password prompt just keeps coming up.

Curious fact:
Whenever the login fails, due to the user account having a login restriction, the Intruder Lockout reports a failed login attempt, with the address of:
IPX: 0E07009C:000000000001:0451

This is the internal network address of the NW server, sure enough. If I attempt to add either IPX:0E07009C:FFFFFFFFFFFF and/or IPX:0E07009C:000000000001 as network address restrictions, however, it still doesn't work.

Anyone know how to fix this? I've looked for documentation on Network Address Restriction 's usage with NetStorage, but all I can find is single sentences along the lines of 'you can use this', but not any further information on making it work.