New OES2 sp1 server. Patched fully, including the new AFP

Unable to get AFP working (again)

Proxy user is able to be created or use an existing user.

Then I get a dialog window telling me that no edir users or password policies are found re-config AFP when they are added. Config will continue.

AFP config script returns error on next window:
"Unable to set ProxyUser as reader of passwords: error 10"

rcnovell-afptcpd will not start: failure to read Proxy User creds. error -801

Sever does not have an replica on it
ProxyUser is LUM enabled, and 'Id proxyuser' does show correct info
ProxyUser is in the 'able to retreive passwords' list on all user policies.

Note: I noticed some of the scripts in /opt/novell/afptcpd/bin are in binary. Also, when I run them (like I get no output.
Lastly, where are the afp .conf files??? Can I just enter the info manually?