I upgraded to 3.5.177 in June because we were having problems migrating from e-Dir to AD. We also had syncing issues. All's well with pushing policies out on AD now. (we're no longer using e-Dir) But I'm still concerned about my syncing. I am getting new policies pushed and reports show updated data. But if I look at the Service Synchronization screen, I show:

Distribution Service Agent
646 report packages queued for processing,
418 new submissions from endpoints awaiting packaging
The report pkgs queued keeps growing. Occassionally it will drop by a few numbers, but most hours it grows. The new submissions clears hourly when the service runs.

Management Service Agent
0 account actions
0 policy assignments
133 management audit records pending export

The mgmt audit records had been at 33 for more than a month, and this last weekend, it jumped to 133.

I must admit, I inherited this system and am not all that familiar with it yet. But this doesn't seem to me to be normal behavior.

Also I'm getting an error in Event Log when the services run. The message is "object reference not set to an instance of an object" followed by a Timeout expired error. Perhaps that helps with the troubleshooting.

Thanks in advance.