I'm running NW6.0SP5 with BMgr3.7SP3. I use the BMgr DNS proxy service.
I also use the NW DHCP service, although not the NW DNS service. I need
to change our DNS addresses. I found our current DNS addresses in 2
places: the resolv.cfg file and the Global Preferences button in the
DNS/DHCP management console. Are these 2 the only places I need to
change the addresses to the new ones? (I can't find those addresses
anywhere in BMgr, which makes me think that the BMgr DNS proxy merely
uses the addresses found in resolv.cfg.) And once I make those changes
(and any others that you may tell me are necessary), will a server
restart be necessary for them to take effect? Finally, how can I tell
that the DNS proxy is now using the new DNS addresses, short of a packet
sniffer? TIA - JR