My stance when customers have asked this question has always been, "Which do you feel more comfortable supporting?"

Now I have run into the customer that heavily uses both Windows and Linux in their environment and wants the "best" platform for the ZCM Zone. Either one does not matter to them, since they have in house expertise on both platforms.

Now I want to say Linux since I like that OS better than Windows, but that is purely personal preference. I haven't been able to run much of a bench mark on ZCM performance in the two OSs. Most of my deployments have been with Windows, since thats what most of my customers have been comfortable with. In the few Linux deployments of ZCM I have done, it "appears" to have better CPU utilization that ZCM running on Windows.

Have others experienced better performance using Linux for ZCM over using Windows for ZCM? or have I just not had enough Linux deployments to see the problems of ZCM running on Linux.