Hi All,

I just migrated from GW8 on NetWare to GW8 on Linux. I put the PO and Domain on a NSS volume on 64bit Sles OES2sp1. There are a couple of issues that have happened and I resolved one already but I will mention it in case it helps.

First, I created a GW webaccess agent on another server and mapped a drive to the new GW8 NSS volume, I know I was not suppose to do this, everytime I rebooted the Webaccess server the NSS volume on the other server would deactivate. I ran rebuilds on it and it still did it so I created a secondary domain on the other server and installed the webaccess agent to that, problem solved..... not quite.

So now I decided to run GWcheck with the latest hp2 gwcheck and it caused the volume to dismount. So I ran another rebuild and have the system up and running again. I am afraid to run another GWCheck on the volume until I can bring down the server then run it, I also want to do a file level backup of the directory.

The other thing that is very odd is that when I attempted to do a backup using Sep Sesam and the gw tsa it ran great until it hit about 85GB then it slowed to a crawl and it slowed the POA down with it, even though the server utilization was next to nothing.

So now I am not sure if this is a direct consequence of running the webaccess agent across a mounted drive or if there is corruption on the drive itself. I know it is not a hardware failure on the drive because it is on a SAN with Dual Raid 5 redundancy. Since I removed the remote agent I did not re-run a rebuild until GWCheck killed the volume, I ran it after that but have not attempted to run GWCheck against the Live PO since.

When I did run the gwcheck I ran it with all the options enabled for Analyze and fix DB for User, messages and docs.

Any ideas on this one?

Brett Littrell