I'm trying to find away of getting the GroupWise Soap api to return deleted GroupWise AddressBook Entries. With other items such as Appointments,Tasks and Email they are placed into the GroupWise Trash, so you can quickly process the Trash to see what items have been removed since you last checked. Yes if the Trash is emptied before your application has checked then those deletions are not picked up, but this is better than requesting thousands of records back from the server to try and pickup whats been removed. I believe there is a notification api but my application is not always online to recieve notifications. Does the server move the deleted item to a hidden folder?.

I have also noticed that shared AddressBooks are visible to GroupWise Soap but you can not add to the AddressBook regardless of the Access Rights, nor can you read any items from a Shared AddressBook, is this a know problem or is it by design?.

Thanks in advance.