Is it possible to have BorderManager 3.8 work with two ISP connections. We have a customer with a wireless and a DSL connetion from their ISP. They have installed a Windows 2003 server on the LAN for an application they will be using. This application also allows their customers to access their data by logging in using a web browser over the internet. Currently all of the internet traffic (web browsing, email, RDP connections) is going through the DSL connection. They want to have all the web traffic to the Windows 2003 server come in on the wireless link. My initial thought was to have the web traffic come in on the wireless and go out the DSL (due to the fact that the default route on the BM server is the DSL connection) Currently we have added a second NIC to the BM server, bound two IP addresses to the NIC. One of the addresses is statically mapped through to the Windows Server. The Windows Server cannot be seen. If I use one of the addresses from the DSL connection and statically map it to the Windows server, everything works fine. Is what we are trying to accomplish even possible? Do we need to add another device to do this? (if another device is required would a LinkSys RV082 do the trick? (there is one there on site doing the PPOE connection for the DSL))

Thanks for any recommendations.