Hope this is the correct forum, if not I apologize in advance!.
My Current Setup: Main Server NW65, Groupwise, NDPS, DHCP, etc, 2nd Server
bordermanager 3.8, proxy , web mail, netstorage, content filtering...
Everyone routes through BM38 to get to the internet, everything works
(This is in a small school about 140 computers)

Here is my problem, our DSL from our ISP is horrible, no real big deal,
change ISP's, Our phone company said they could get us a T1, GREAT!, we
went for it, some how now, they can't get us the T1, but they have DSL
also, heck they can get us 2 DSL lines at a fraction of the cost of our
original ISP.
For the life of me I cannot figure out how the heck I can use both DSL
lines, 1 for students, 1 for staff, with out either adding another BM38
Server or
maybe giving static address to the staff computers with a different
Gateway for the second DSL line.
Does anyone have any ideas?, Im blurried eyed from looking!
Thanks in advance for any ideas!