I have administered Surfcontrol from NT4 and windows2000 PCs for many years
with no problems. I now have XP pro, and when running nwadmn32 from the BM3.7
server I get the following problems:
(1) when opening the 'BorderManager Access Rules' page, the third party URL
filtering solution is shown as 'None'.
(2) When opening the Surfcontrol Rule, there is a message saying 'Restrict' -
'unable to validate one of the vendors
identified in this rule [3]. The contents of this rule cannot be updated or
viewed until the control information is corrected on the server.'
I have checked again on both NT and W2000 PCs and do not see these errors. I
have checked on another XP box and get the same errors, so this would suggest
that the server is fine but the XP clients are not. I have checked that
restrict.dll is only present in the snapins and the paths all seem fine. Do
you know what could be causing this problem?

Versions Netware 6sp5, BM 3.7sp3, client 4.91.3, XP pro sp2 firewall disabled.

Thank you for any assistance.