don't know if this is the correct forum but hey !

ZCM10.1.3 on Win2k3 servers using AD as the primary metadirectory.

Recently setup an eDirectory server to supply iPrint services via ZCM
policies and automate the printer installations (which works perfectly by
the way). This eDirectory only has 1 user for LDAP readonly access to link
it into ZCM. As the printers are installed as workstation printers (via
the iprint.ini file on the iprint server), then no authentication to
eDirectory is required, so no synchronization between AD and eDir is

Everything works fine, but now when new users or new workstations login,
the first time they encounter the ZCM client it prompts them to login to
Zenworks (which is fine) but now there are 2 Realms, one for the AD and
one for the eD.

Unfortunately the one for the eDir is appearing at the top of the list, so
we have to tell the users to use the drop down menu and select the Active
Directory domain rather than the eDirectory tree.

Is there anyway to default this to the AD being first, so our users don't
have to 'think' about this login detail?

Many thanks for your thoughts.