I have been requested to restore a users mailbox to our test network. I
have done this about 100 times (yeah, no joke, and I'd rather not go
there), however, this time the post office has been moved to Linux and
the restore area is on NetWare.

I have the restore area setup and the user a member of it. The POA has
full rights to the restore area as well as the account logging in. I
can open the backup and see the messages are there, however, when I
attempt to restore a message (any message) I get:

GroupWise Error [d069]
You have attempted to open an incomplete backup database. You must
either change connection modes or open a different backup database.

I know the restore is complete, however the version of the restored post
office is 7 and the 'live' one on the test network is 8 hp2. Also the
restored post office files reside on the NetWare server and the 'live'
post office is on Linux.

What am I missing?