I was curious if the following upgrade scenario is supported?

Install new ZDM 7 server onto new server w/ new DB, configured to be new root server.

Configure existing ZDM 6.5 root server as intermediate with DB, with new policy to roll up its inventory to new ZDM 7 DB server. After inventory is replicated, change default Inventory Object from ZDM 6.5 server to new ZDM 7 Invetory Object.

Upgrade intermediate ZDM 6.5 to ZDM 7.

Configure leaf server roll up policy to eventually roll up to new ZDM 7 root server, upgrading leaf servers as time allows. Once all leaf servers are configured to roll up to new server, demote intermediate server to just a leaf server.

I think this scenario would be helpful in mitigating any downtime by allowing the major upgrade to occur during business hours, with little downtime for HelpDesk staff that rely on the the Inventory DB.