Hey Guys,

I got two Border Manager Servers (one 3.5 and one 3.8) running in
paralell. The new (3.8) was set up in paralell to take over the job of
the old one (with this I followed the suggestions I got from this
forum). I now moved everything from the "old" to the "new" BM-Server
i.e. changed the default gateway in the clients IP-Config,. changed the
Proxy-IP Adress in the WebBrowser.

But when I shutdown the "old" Bordermanager neither IP-Routing to the
Internet (SMTP and and POP3) nor to a Network connected via a Routerin
the interal LAN (is routed from the Workstation to the BM and from the
BM to the internal Router) does not work anymore...

What can be the cause..Does the "new" BM somehow depend on the "old" BM
From what I understood they should be totally independent.

Please help.