[Perhaps this isn't a BM-specific question but I'll let the experts
decide that for me.]

Our default gateway is a secondary IP of x.x.x.1. The primary private
IP is either x.x.x.5 or x.x.x.6, depending on which of two BM boxes has
the secondary loaded at the time.

When I

C:\> TRACERT <any outside IP>

I see the first hop is x.x.x.5 or .6, not x.x.x.1, and I'm curious as to
what might be happening behind the scenes. I don't believe the proxy is
involved since we only use that for http.

Is this just indicative of how secondary IP's are handled on a Netware
server? I'm a little surprised that the workstation can "find out" what
the actual private IP is, although there's certainly no harm done. I
thought I'd see the .1 secondary as the first hop since that's the
default gateway.

Thanks in advance.