Hi again!
If You (SPond) asked me about problems during migrations I give a thought and report about two Migration Utility (from 10.2) problems which ones .... well, no fatal and seems to not affect final results, I think, but ... annoying for sure. =)
(1) "Exception Thrown Unable to connect to the remote server". A lot of these during migration. Connection is ... just OK by other means. On some objects it does give this error, on some not and no logic, at least I can't see.
(2) "Exception Thrown Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown. in Migrate". Also, a lot of times and same pattern, no logic I see.
Workaround is just run migration again and ... if necessary ... again and again.
I have same migration procedures done several times and all the time these appear. Well, of course, can't be 99% sure this is just utility problem, but I don't have no connection nor memory problems on machine where migration is performed on.
More thanks, Alar.