Hello everybody!

This is my first post here, so please do not be very critical... -))

We had Netware 6.0 SP4 (several servers) and we decided to move to 6.5 SP7. Servers hardware is also changed, new servers are installed from scratch, placed in the same tree but different context, and then all files etc were moved there. Files migration was done using "Novell Server Consolidation and Migration Toolkit" (NSCMT). Almost everything went well, but suddenly I've found, that in my own user directory on new server most of files are missing.

It's important that even I have both Windows and Linux worktations, mostly I'm using Linux. So this problem was found from Linux (I'm using ncpfs, we don't have native Novell Client for Linux). So I've found that I almost lost my files (and there was a lot of **** of course :-), but when I eventually checked it from windows, I've found all the stuff on it's place!

I'm using Netware about 12 years and Linux about the same time, and I'm connecting to Netware from Linux for about 10 years but it's first time such thing happened! Later I've found some more folders, some of them are just empty from linux point of view, in in some of them files are missing. Interesting is, if I change name of that file, I can see it! Changing back - it disappears again!

Here is the mounting script itself:

read -s -p "Password:" PASS
for i in 0 1 2 3; do
mkdir -p /mnt/blade$i 2>/dev/null
ncpmount -o tcp -S blade$i -A ${IP[$i]} -U tabashid.it.riverside.tbil.geocell -P $PASS -m -f 644 -d 755 -y koi8-r -p cp866 -u temo -g disk /mnt/blade$i

I've checked this with minimum parameters and - no change...

BTW, copying the same forlder from old server to new (firstly renamed failing folder on new server) gives absolutely correct result, and I can view ALL files form Linux without any problems...

Sorry for my English, it's not my native language...

Any suggestions?