Hi All,

So this is a bit odd and I hope someone can help me. I am running SEP Sesam with Groupwise backup. What is happening is the server is dying at around 85GB of backup. When I say the server, I mean the entire server, there does not appear to be any high utilization or high disk access but the server slows to a crawl and if left unchecked with will lockup.

I am running GW8 on SLES 10SP2 OES2SP1, the server has 4GB of RAM and two processors. One thing I did notice is that memory usage on the server was near peeked. At first I thought this may be due to GroupWise and SMDR, unloading SMDR did give back 400MB, I unloaded right before the server hit the point of no return.

So I added another 4 GB of RAM to bring it up to 8GB. When I started the server it was using 2GB(with GW running), after I started the backup that amount ballooned to almost 8GB. I am thinking there is some kind of memory leak in tsafsgw. When I do a standard backup utilizing tsafs only I do not get this issue.

Anyone have any ideas?

Brett Littrell