Any things to consider for VoIP? Our ISP is offering us a second T1
which could handle 16 voice lines. They route it back to them then "put
it" into the phone system at their end - don't know how this compares to
other VoIP offerings. Cost is that of a T1 plus about the same as
Vonage, et al, for the voice lines. The idea is that any unused
bandwidth would be available for data, should we wish to use it that
way. We are looking to put about 16 lines on VoIP - the place has
about 20 lines and the rest will stay "normal" as a backup.

Are there any gotchas with VoIP and BM? We're on 3.8, SP4, IR3 with
plans to upgrade to 3.9 but maybe not before we implement VoIP unless
it's required.

I realize this is slightly OT but thanks in advance for war stories,
advice, etc. This will be the first time for me doing this.