Hey, Cat (or anyone else), since we were discussing the workstation's ARP
table in another thread, I thought you might find this interesting.

Setup: 2 BM servers, w/s gateway is x.x.x.1 which is a secondary on one box
or the other but not both.

Situation: change the active BM box by unloading the secondary on one box
and loading it on the other. If proxy is loaded on either, it figures this
out and adjusts itself. Change, in nwadmn, to remove x.x.x.1 as a protected
private network on the old box, add it on the current box.

Result: Even after an ipconfig /renew, if you look at the old BM box in
Explorer, you will see the new BM boxes drives. Pretty weird, eh? Had to
reboot the w/s to clear it out. My guess is that the ARP table isn't
updated in this situation until I reboot. Next time I switch boxes, I'll
check ARP -a after the switch but before the w/s reboot to confirm.