In ZCM 10.2, I can create the shortcuts my customer is asking for with out any problems. However, what I can't seem to do is name the shortcut to something I want.

I can point the Copy File directive to a source file, give it a destination directory, and check the "Create Shortcut" box. This will create a shortcut in the specified location that is named after the executable I am creating a shortcut of.

Not a very desired result to have a shortcut in the start menu or desktop that is named "Smting.exe" when the customer wants a shortcut that simply says "Somthing".

What I find is that after I create the bundle, test it and confirm the shortcut is created in the proper location, if I change anything about the destination name afterwards, the shortcut does not get created and there is no indication of any kind of failure in the log file (in debug mode).

If I try to change the name to what is desired from the start, I end up with a directory being created that is the name of the desired shortcut that has a shortcut in it to the executable specified in the source file. (*%PATH%\Something.lnk\Smting.exe.lnk)

I can reproduce this oddity on my lab server as well. It's nice that the ZCM team gave us back the ability to create the shortcut (didn't miss not having it until this customer asked for it), but it sure would be nice to be able to name the short cut to what ever is asked for instead of after the executable it's self.

After searching the forums, will end up using the file copy suggestion from Craig. Good workaround, wish I didn't have to do it.