We have a workstation policy set at the container level for all our workstations. We have a few workstations that have received the policy but we would now like to move them to an "exempt" area so that we can manage the existing local group policy manually from the machines. We have created a seperate container to house the exempt workstations and created a search policy to restrict searches to that container. We moved the workstations to that newly created container. There are no workstation policies in this exempt container. However, the workstations are still applying the local group policies. We suspect this is due to the fact the the original policy had "Persist Workstation Settings" checked and that the policies are being restored from C:\windows\system32\grouppolicy.wkscache Is there a setting in the registry that will instruct the Zenworks group policy helper to stop applying the cached policy? I don't want to delete all the group policy directories because we want to retain the settings that were already set by Zen.

Thanks in advance!