I have the most strangest issue. I have a about 6 users that login using the same account, TLCTester. When the user try to send or receive a message using the Novell utility Send on the NWClient Utility, they do receive any message. This also occures when a message is sent from the Novell Console. I am not sure as to what to look at. The Novell client version they are running is 4.91 with sp5. They are also using Windows XP SP2. I do have another group of users that do the same thing with a different account and they do not have the same issue. The TLCTester group was running for a while NWSend. After we un-installed NWSend this issue started to occure. I have made sure to clean off an left over reg files. I have also tried to uninstall and re-install the Novell Client.

Any help would be great :)