I have turned on "Enable Log" and all the logging options in iManager,
under "Roles and Tasks->File Protocols->AFP"

The log file seems to be located in /var/log/afptcpd
(and it has a symlink here: /var/opt/novell/afptcp.log)

But in my case, this file is totally empty.
The symlink is dated today, ctime and mtime today when I restarted
the service/server after patching.

The /var/log/aftptcpd/afptcp.log has mtime for the day I enabled the AFP
service and ctime from when I restarted the service/server.

The file is owned by root and permissions seems ok (dir 755/file 644).

I see something in the audit.log
And I see acptcpd messages in /var/log/messages and /var/log/warn

But I assume there should be stuff in the afptcp.log file.
If this uses syslog, I could of course create my own syslog-ng rules,
but as the log in iManager also is empty, I assume this should be done
by default/Novell ...