My understanding of the DAU scan schedule is that it will run when the agent refreshes, and being pretty much just an application bundle, it will do it's scan only once until the version of the bundle is increased. The version of the bundle gets increased when the Patch Management server does an update. The update schedule on the server can only be done by time, no where I can find that allows to specify a day. This means to me that the server will check for updates every day. So every day, the DAU bundle version is increased, thus causing the DAU to run on a workstation every day (most commonly done at boot).

So this means, a user will have a DAU scan done on their PC every morning when they boot up. A daily DAU scan seems to be a bit of an over kill to me. Is there any way to better control this?

I can go into the DAU bundle a device is dynamically assigned to and adjust the devices assignment details. However, this seemed to have no affect, the DAU still ran on refresh even though I altered the assignment to run on a schedule.

Is there a way to make the DAU run on a schedule? if so, is there an easier way to setup this schedule for the devices assigned to the DAU bundle other than one by one altering the assignment details?