OK Novell, hope you are listening. I'm officially pissed.
Purchased BM39 upgrade - great, downloaded said upgrade
-great, attempted to install upgrade - not great. Call tech
support - that will be $650 for support for a product we
just F&^*ing sold you but you can't install. Too F^&*ing
bad for you. That will be $650. Bye - click.

Now give me a break. Novell sells me a product to upgrade
over the top of THEIR OWN F&*^ING product, and they can't
see to it to at least support you through the installation.
I have no problem paying for tech support, the techs are
great and alway help me out, but this is just plain old BAD
customer service. It is a product designed to be installed
on top of an existing product, both sold by the same
company, and it F*&^ing fails.