OK this is oes 1 to oes 2, but since it's a login script issue I'm not sure whether to post here or in the sles forum.

We had our accouting system on oes1, when user's logged in they got a menu which was invoked by xmenu.sh in /etc/profile.d

server1:/etc/profile.d # cat xmenu.sh
export PATH=/sdb/sentai/scripts:$PATH
[ `id -gn` = "trax" ] && exec /usr/local/bin/menu.sh

one of the menu choices let them escape to the os and get a bash prompt.

This same script on oes2 just gives them a blinking cursor, no bash prompt.

However, if I login interactively and run /usr/local/bin/menu.sh all works normally.

What has changed from oes1 to oes2 which could be causing this?