I'm using Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 to backup three OES2 servers. Planning for the future, I'm trying to understand the recovery procedures for restoring eDirectory, GroupWise or entire OES server in case of disaster or for any other reason, but the lack of any documentation on symantec's part is very frustrating. Does anyone know of any writings (whitepapers etc.) that explains this in detail?

Some of the answers I'm looking for ex:
When creating a restore job, in the "Settings" section, under "Linux, Unix and Macintosh" there are some options in regards to OES likes "Restore DIB set" and "Roll Forward Log Directory". What I don't know is how to use these? Let's assume I'm trying to restore eDir and replay the RFL to a new server, do these options take effect when I do a file system restore through tsafs? or is it when I restore edirectory through tsands?