facts: BM3.8.5 on NW6.5.6 with nwlib6J + libcsp6a, WSOCK6L

This BM is coming from NW6.0 and had patch levels 6.5.3 and 6.5.5 on it.

There were several pubIPs bound. One of them now has to be removed from
this box, as it is required for other purposes.

This IP address is annoying like anything: I removed it where ever I could
find it, it's respawning after each Reinitialize System / reboot.

Here is where all I checked for occurences of that IP:

I used inetcfg to remove it from the list of the configured IP addresses.
In NWAdmin that IP was removed from the configured IP address list, no rules or
gen.proxy definitions using it.

The C2S VPN rule (new style only, no legacy VPN) has in all it's settings no
entry of that sec.pub.IP.

monitor, server, NCP / SLP exclude, that IP was removed.

INETCFG, no NAT for that IP any more.

all the files in sys:etc/*.* do *NOT* have any entry of that IP

After each and every reinitialize system that secondary IP address is readded.
(last action that is listed)

I removed that IP through NoRM: Config.IP, IF-Bindings, <Pub.IF>, Sec.IP.
This dropdown list does *NOT* show this bogus IP any more! Anyways,NoRM
still *does* show this secondary IP address. (IP addr.mgmt->show.confg.IP.addr)
In C1, "other", BRDSRVS: public addr list the corresponding HEX value of all
correct pub.IP addresses *do* show up, this bogus one does *NOT* show up.

the filters do not contain any rule where that IP is specified.

Well, I think I'm through all the "corners" I could imagine that &$/($ IP
address could come from.

Who pls can push me into the right direction, where I missed it??

Thanks, Rudi.

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