Windows XP SP3
Novell Client 4.91 SP4

In the last few days my computer has developed an odd issue where the
"CTRL+ALT+DEL to log in" screen is displayed upside down. I can login and
the computer appears to function normally. I have done a deep scan on the
machine and all came up good. I also tried replacing the nwgina.dll file
with a copy from another machine that is not having the same problem, and
that didn't have any impact.

I did some Googling and found a lot of stuff about the same behavior with
the Windows login screen, and all those articles imply that it is not a
serious issue and that it can be fixed by hitting CTRL+ALT+Up Arrow.
However, that key combo has not fixed my problem, and I have been unable to
find any articles dealing specifically with the Novell Client.

Any ideas?