Had an issue with the NSS pool the other day, deactivated due to RAID issue. Got it all backup, everybody ok then a tech comes to me this morning. His home directory is missing, it was there yesterday after the problem.
Went in to salvage it shows that he deleted it in the afternoon. Ok no problem will just salvage it. Nope, gives me an error saying that it must not contain odd characters and must be one character long please reenter the name. Meets both of these standards and does not allow me to reenter the name.
Other directories deleted, not the same day, will allow me to salvage.

He is insistent that he didn't delete the directories, how could he get to the root to delete. He did try to disconnect the drives, so he wouldn't have to reboot after the pool problem.

We are running Suse sp1, OES2 on HP hardware,and its not patched yet.