I posted about this back in April, but it is still an issue.


I have a small LAN that is NATed to a second LAN which connects to the
Internet. The private IP is, the public

What occurs every now and then is that routing between .4.65 and .1.23
packs up for anything from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. There
seems to be no pattern to it. Nothing shows in the logs or console screens.

A packet trace shows traffic between the LANs and the interfaces, but
nothing between the two interfaces; nothing unusual traffic-wise.

Both NICs have been replaced since I first posted in April and both are
using completely different drivers than the original boards.

The only TID I found that referenced this suggested setting small ECBs
to 64K but it is already set that way.

I show a small amount of errors (Receive failed, packet length mismatch:
2,434) on the board using the CE100B driver, no errors on the other.
Both board are now 100 where before I had a 1000 and a 100.

Any help most appreciated.