I have a new client that I have convince to do another Linux server for file and print. But I don't know whether to do OES Linux or SLES?

He wants all the services like iFolder, iPrint and Netstorage. Are these services offered on both products?

My client is a small TV and radio station with a couple of Windows and Mac stations. They have a Ubuntu server with apache doing their Web and postfix mail services already.

I would want to put a copy of the working Mac files on the server. Does SLES work with Mac files these days?

Is there a finanical difference between the two in a 10 user environment? Will OES be around for a while?

There will be about 600gb of storage on this server. That is due to the Video editing files from the Mac. What would be a good backup solution? BTW, the client does not want to have to do something everyday for the backup like change tapes. So I was thinking a tape autoloader or a disk to disk backup system. But there are just so many to choose from. I could spend forever researching this stuff.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.