Hi, I am running NW v6.5 SP7, Zenworks v7 SP1 IR3, 1Gbps Network. Everything running fine until recently I have noticed how slow the NAL screen takes to load on Windows XP SP2 & SP3.

We have around 600 application objects which show up in the NAL screen. Is there anyway to increase the speed of the NAL screen loading?

The fastest machines which takes about 2.10 minutes for the NAL screen to load have 2GB ram, core duo 2 processor and 1Gbps network.

I know I could only allow certain applications per user but with 2000 users and over 1300 PC's there are a lot of different application requirements for users.

Any advice you can give would be great. Also, if this seems a normal load time then maybe anyone can give advice if they do it any other way?

Thanks for any input.