My server upgrade failed from NW65-SP5 to SP7 at 91% when the server abended on module JVM.NLM (which had recently been causing me problems).

In trying to get the server to boot, I discovered that some new NLMs in C:\NWSERVER were corrupted, including the SERVER.EXE.

After manually copying the files from SP7's CD in directory...
The server would now partially start up.

Since the server would not completely come up due to LIB0.NLM not being able to find public symbol ExecuteNCPPacket, I manually rebooted the server using the following commands:

Everything appears AOK & no err msgs yet. Vol SYS mounts AOK and SYS:SYSTEM in now in the server's search path.

When I manually load LIB0.NLM I see the the following err msg in the Logger screen:
Loader cannot find public sybmol ExecuteNCPPacket for module LIB0.NLM

If I can get this module to load, then I can get the other dependent modules to load (REQUESTR, CLIB, NLMLIB, etc.), & proceed to back out SP7.

All of my searches for that public symbol were painfully fruitless. The same for troubleshooting LIB0.

Since public symbol errors usually result from mismatched NLMs, I compared the date of the loaded modules to that on the SP7 CD. All appeard OK.

What NLM puts that public symbol out there?

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can lead me forward from this point.

Thanks for the assist.